Friday, 2 December 2011

Foil Removal Method

I looove glitter polish but think it's a bitch (yes, I swear like a sailor, and no I will not apologize) to remove. I found the best removal method to be the "foil removal method". It's pretty quick and super easy.

All you need it polish remover, cotton pads and tin foil

Cut the foil into 10 1/2 inch thick rectangles

Next cut the cotton pads in half

Soak the cotton pads in remover, place it on your nail and wrap the whole thing in tin foil. Be sure to pinch the end of the foil closed to avoid any evaporation.

I shouldn't point out the obvious but be sure to only do one hand at a time. Next just keep yourself busy for the next 5 minutes, so things can soak. If your using a polish with alot of glitter you may want to wait up to 7 minutes. Then just twist (i'm making this bold because it's key, you really need to twist the foil when you take it off!) off the foil and bye bye glitter.

All gone!


  1. This is sooo good to know. I hate removing glitter polish!


    1. Glad to help! I love glitter but hated the removal too and this such a quick and easy way to take it off.