Monday, 2 January 2012

Classic Monday "Alpine Snow" Review

Alpine Snow is described as "Fresh, crisp white, perfect for French-look tips" by O.P.I.

Alpine Snow was originally part of the O.P.I. 2007 Soft Shades Collection.  I couldn't agree more with the O.P.I. description, this colour is a glossy crisp white.

Once again the Classic Collection leaves me wanting more. Colour wise it is a beautiful crisp white colour, but what good is that other then for French Tips? The formula was nothing but an inconsistent streaky mess. After 2 coats of polish, my nails looked like they has been painted with correction fluid. The third coat did make things better but not great. This polish also had the worst dying time of anything I have ever used. It took almost an hour for the polish to be dry to the touch and another hour for it to be completely dry.

Alpine Snow is a beautiful colour but has a terrible formula. I think the formula proves to be too unforgiving and inconsistent to make it a good choice for French tips. Due to it's streaky formula, I can never see myself wearing this polish on it's own. However, it is a great choice as a base for neon, glow in the dark and glitter polish.

Such a good base for glitter!

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