Friday, 23 March 2012

Rescue Mani

Ever paint your nails a fantastic colour that you didn't want to remove even after it's started to chip? I have and thougth this would be the perfect chance to show my favourite way to save a chipped mani.

I've had on Not Like The Movies for a few days and started to see some tip wear and cracks in my polish.

I used tape to block off the top section of my nails. Making sure that the tape was positioned slightly lower on the nail with each finger.

I then painted the exposed area of my nail with I Only Date Werewolves

Allow the polish to dry completely before removing the tape.

Remove the tape and add a top. Voila a great graduated mani from your old chipped mani!


  1. I love this, will have to try it! Reminds me of stairs!

    1. They do look like stairs! It's such an easy way to freshen up a chipped mani.