Friday, 9 December 2011


There are soo many polish finishes (finish not polish) I thought it would be handy to have a list of some of the more common ones. Feel free to add any I may have missed!

Creme Most popular polish finish (unless your a glitter lover like myself). Plain (boring) colour without any glitz, or sparkle added. Dries glossy and smooth. Think grown up job appropriate.

Metallic dries to a finish that's look like metal (think coloured stainless steel). Very shiny. 

Matte dries, with no shine or sparkle at all. (strangely, I love it)

Suede dries matte, but(!) has a slight shimmer (best of both worlds).

Shimmer  metallic meets creme and dries shiny.

Foil   metallic base with very fine glitter. Dries smooth, sparkly and shiny. (watch out for visible brushstrokes). Feel slightly rough to the touch when dry.

Glitter reflective metallic pieces of varying sizes and shapes often in a jelly base.  Gritty sparkly finish.

Duochrome  changes colours when reflecting light. (Not Like The Movies ) 

Sheer  transparent smooth glossy finish. Think French manicures.

Satin  matte finish with a slight shine (shine not shimmer).

Iridescent  luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles. (like  Duochrome but different).

Frost  opaque metallic or shimmer . Dries smooth and shiny. Very popular in the 80's.

Pearl satin with a touch of shimmer kinda glossy. 

 Glass Flecked  looks like there is finely ground glass or diamonds in the polish.  Sparklier  then shimmer finish.

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