Monday, 12 December 2011

Classic Monday "Tickle My France-y" Review

I thought I would start Classic Collection Monday because what are we without the classics? 

Tickle My France-y is described as "In this naughty shade of nude" by OPI. (Does anyone else think that's a silly tag line?)

Tickle My France-y nude pink colour with a hint of beige. Way too much beige I think.

This polish was originally part of OPI's La Collection De France released in 2008 and is now part of the Classic Collection. I got this polish as a mini part of the Best of the Best Holiday Collection and I'm glad I did. This is not a colour, I'll ever wear again but it might be handy for nail art. I think the mini bottles are a great way to try out a colour before committing to a full size bottle.

This colour would make a great starter polish. It's a very forgiving colour and can easily be worn to work. That's about all, I like about this colour. It went on well, spreading evenly and offering good coverage. However, even after 3 coats, I still had VNL (visible nail line) in strong light. The polish dries to a lovely glossy creme finish and I found a top coat wasn't necessary. I can't tell you how well this polish wore because honestly I didn't even make a full 24 hours with it on.

One big problem I had with this colour was that it tended to pick up on the beige more so than the pink in my skin tone making me look like I had mannequin hands. Who wants boring beige mannequin hands?!?! Not this girl! If I was going on a job interview or worked in a conservative environment then I may consider putting this polish on again until then it goes to the back of the box.

I'm sure there are some skin tones that this polish is incredibly flattering but if your of the pasty Scottish descent like myself then you may want to pass on this.

The photos below show a clear base coat and 3 coats of polish

mannequin hands

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