Wednesday, 16 November 2011

OPI Muppet Collection "Rainbow Connection" Review

Rainbow Connection
Rainbow Connection is describe as "The rainbow glitter of your dreams"
I love love this nail polish, it's like a birthday party in a bottle! I love it so much that I have a horrible urge to stockpile it every time I see it in stores. I currently have 3 bottles!
Rainbow Connection is a clear base, that offers 3 different sized metallic hexagonal glitter: silver, green, yellow, blue, orange, and pink.

At first I found the clear base to be annoying and difficult to apply ( I wasn't getting good coverage). I found the easiest way to apply, was to paint the nail as normal and then use an orange stick to "push" some of the larger pieces of glitter into place. I found doing this provided better coverage and even distribution then simply painting the nail in 3 strokes. The polish itself is very thick (whether it's the formula itself or all the glitter, I'm not sure), I can see how over time some polish thinner will need to be added.

I was expecting the finish to be super coarse and sharp due to all the glitter. Without a topcoat the polish is slightly rough to the touch (feels and looks like fish scales) but without the sharp edges and snagging. Also without a topcoat, I didn't have any problems with lifting or peeling of any of the glitter pieces even the larger hexagonal ones! As I like a smother glossier finish, I did apply 2 coats of a clear topcoat to my finished product. I wore this polish for 6 days (I know 6 days!!!) without any damage to the tips or chipping.

Another added bonus for this polish is that it contains six different colors of glitter (love it!), making it an easy choice if you wanted to add sparkly top coat to any polish.
The picture below show the polish on it's own with a clear base coat, 3 coats of polish and 2 coats of a clear topcoat. Even with 3 coats, I found distribution to slightly uneven. I'm sure this could be corrected with another coat or some maneuvering of the larger glitter pieces.

Close up of hexagon glitter

Close up on the the different colours

Birthday Party in a bottle!

It's a sparkly mess and I love it!!

Rainbow Connection

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  1. I am so loving it as a single coat over a dark color.. but make sure you use a top coat because the sparkles will flake off