Monday, 30 January 2012

Classic Monday "Hawaiian Orchid" Review

Hawaiian Orchid is described as "Tropical Pink with hints of light purple" by OPI.

Hawaiian Orchid was originally part of the 1995 Soft Shades Collection. The colour is slightly lighter than a salmon pink with hints of blue and pink micro-shimmer mixed in. This helps to create a neat purple effect. Which I loooove! When I first picked up this colour, I wore it for almost a month straight. It was the perfect summer colour. It went with almost everything I own (seriously my wardrobe is full of purple and pink).

I wish I could say I loved the formula as much as the colour. I'm being perfectly honest when I say the formula in my bottle is shit. It's terrible. The formula is completely sheer. It takes 2 coats to notice that you have some colour on your nails. Another 2 coats to appreciate the colour and cover up the streakiness. Five coats to make the colour opaque. This is the first time, I"ve ever had to use 5 coats on a colour that wasn't glitter based. 

Due to all the coats of polish, I found that it chipped very very easily and I could only get 2 days wear. To make this colour a little more wearable, I started using a white polish such as Alpine Snow  as my base. I found that with a solid colour as a base, I only needed 2 coats to make it opaque and I was able to get a couple more days wear.

Photos below, show 1 coat clear base, 5 coats of polish and top coat.

 It looks kinda mannequin hands here, but in the summer when I'm not queen of the pasty people, it looks amazing!


  1. Very pretty pink! Love the name of your blog!

    1. Thank you! It's a great pink to have in your collection, my pictures really don't do it justice