Friday, 3 February 2012

Owl Mani

I saw this mani on Pinterest and immediatly knew I had to try it. It was part of a 31 Day Challenge, taken by Christina at Let them have Polish!.

I used Bubble Bath as my base and used a different colour for each owl.

Strawberry Margarita, Fly, Honk if you love OPI, Dim Sum Plum

Used the pointy side of an orange stick to make eyes using Mummy, Knows Best

Used the end of a bobby pin to make pupils in I Only Date Werewolves. To make the stomaches a lighter shade, I mixed a drop of each colour with 2 drops of Alpine Snow.

I used the end of a bobby pin again  to make dots on the owl's stomache

Bobby pin again with He's My Boo to make the beak and done! I think they are super cute!

Anyone else try owls? How did they turn out?