Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Think Pink

Happy Valentine's Day or Black Tuesday! Which ever your celebrating, I hope it's great. Since I love pink, in case you couldn't tell, I thought I would have some fun with pinks today.

I did a a quick and easy half moon manicure using Strawberry Margarita  and Pink Friday.

I also used some "reinforcement labels" to make a much neater crescent shape then I every could using free hand.

 I used Pink Friday as my base.

 Once it was completely dry, I added the "reinforcement labels" to my nails, so that they only covered the top portion of my nail. Kinda like a reverse French Mani.

Then painted the exposed area with Strawberry Margarita.

 Once that was dry, I peeled off the labels and voila!

What's on your nails for Valentine's Day?


  1. omg! ur half moon mani is gorg! i have tried this and FAILED! massively!!

    also i have tagged u in an 11 questions tag on my blog if you wanna join in :)) x

  2. Thanks for reading! Can't wait to join the 11 questions, thanks for tagging me